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Lake Life

Property Solutions

About Us

A little about us...

Owners Tim and Angie Seaton have been coming to Lake of the Ozarks since the early 90s, and were married at Bridal Cave in Camdenton in 1993. They have two sons and have lived full-time at Lake of the Ozarks since 2004. They currently live outside of Laurie (on the West Side) where they call over 100 acres in the country their home.

A Unique Perspective!

Lake Life Property Solutions was established in 2019 with a primary mission of providing quality professional home services (cleaning, maintenance and interior design) to lake area residents. It didn’t take long to recognize that once again Tim and Angie’s attention was on the guest experience where they found their niche in vacation rentals.
Tim and Angie previously owned an award-winning traditional bed and breakfast. Angie served on the State Bed and Breakfast association for two years and was an active member in the bed and breakfast community across Missouri. Their knowledge, network and firsthand experience with the lodging industry as well as personal guest interaction sets Tim and Angie apart from any other property manager here at the lake.

A New Mission!

In 2020 Tim and Angie closed the bed and breakfast to devote their full attention to the growth and expansion of Lake Life Property Solutions, which is when they began offering full-service management for vacation rental property owners. The core of everything Tim and Angie and their team offer at Lake Life Property Solutions is built around faith, family and values. They treat everyone fairly and with kindness and believe honesty is always the best policy!


Our Guiding Principles

Our Purpose

Lake Life Property Solutions seeks to provide a higher level of professional services to meet the needs of our clients, giving them the opportunity to spend more time doing what they love. We are also committed to providing a meaningful and rewarding environment for employees to thrive, as well as giving back to our local community with our time, talents and resources.

Our Mission

To set the standard in the professional services industry by hiring and training the most qualified individuals based on our core values, and always working to improve and grow through education, innovation and technology.

Our Values

Strive for excellence with honesty, integrity, quality and professionalism, while never forgetting to make someone smile.

Meet The Team


Angie Seaton

Owner, Office & Accounting Manager

  • I make a killer… fried spaghetti
  • My biggest pet peeves are…repetitive noises/movements and things not being symmetrical
  • My family pets are… my favorite pup-dog Macie
  • My favorite vacation spot is… the mountains of Colorado
  • My personal philosophy is… work smarter, not harder
  • My favorite things to do are…spending time with my family, traveling and trail rides with my hubby, binge watching Netflix or learning new things.
  • Angie was born and raised in Central Missouri, graduating high school from Clinton. She and Tim moved to Stover in 2004 and Laurie in 2014. Angie has always been focused on business and entrepreneurship, having owned several businesses including medical transcription, photography, and a transportation company, which they sold in 2019. In 2020 Angie because a Certified Stager and Designer and has a creative eye for macro photography.

    Tim Seaton

    Owner, Maintenance & Quality Supervisor

  • I make a killer… fried fish
  • My main goal in life is…to be half the man my grandpa is
  • My family pets are… Macie our 8-year old mountain feist
  • My favorite vacation spot is…Colorado (specifically Estes Park)
  • My favorite movie quote is… I’ll be your huckleberry
  • My favorite things to do are…spend time with my family, trail rides, watching the wildlife in our backyard.

  • Tim was born in Kansas City and at a young age the family moved to Windsor, a small town not too far away. He comes from a very close family and strong values were instilled in him from the very beginning. Being honest, trustworthy and a “man of his word” are very important to Tim and how he lives his life. He enjoys deer hunting, crappie fishing, football and is an avid fantasy football player.

    Sara Pierce

    Administrative Assistant; Reservation Specialist

  • My biggest pet peeves are… loud chewing and talking with mouthfuls of food.
  • If I were an animal I would be…a cat - they are mostly independent, and have very unique personalities. Plus who doesn't love a cat?
  • My favorite things to do are…read, cook- but sometimes I'm not great at it, and hang out with my friends.
  • If I could have any super power it would be... telepathy, it would be cool to have a mind like Charles Xavier!
  • My personal philosophy is… be yourself, set boundaries and always be kind to others.

  • I have been with Lake Life Property Solutions since March 1st 2022. I like to read, cook and see my friends! My top two favorite foods are Tacos and Chinese. I am from Camdenton, MO, that is where my family is as well. Looking forward to having great fun and experiences in property management!

    Mikayla Christensen

  • My biggest pet peeves are… The sound of styrofoam rubbing against styrofoam, slow drivers in the passing lane, and loud chewers.
  • If I were an animal I would be…a lemur
  • I would love to have a… big happy family
  • My favorite vacation spot is…Nashville
  • My favorite movie quote is… It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends. – Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • My personal philosophy is… Work for a cause not for an applause. Live life to express not to impress.

  • Mikayla is from a small town in Kansas City and moved to the lake area around 2014. Since moving here she has met many great people and has come to love living next to the water. She has been part of the Lake Life team since June, 2020 and gets along with everyone she meets. Cleaning was always something she found therapeutic and calming but has enjoyed learning new things. Her favorite foods are cheeseburgers, French toast, and ham and she is the third oldest out of seven children so comes from a good sized family.

    Sara Silverwood

    Cleaning & Maintenance Technician

  • My main goal in life is to…raise my daughter to be a kind, successful and well-adjusted human
  • My family pets are… Bobo and Max
  • I would love to have…tons of energy
  • If I were an animal I would be…a bear
  • I make a killer…lasagna
  • My favorite movie quote is… “You stink. You smell like beef and cheese. You don’t smell like Santa.” Elf

  • Sara lives near Camdenton with her daughter. She has been with Lake Life since Spring 2019, and can usually be found listening to murder mystery podcasts. She’s always willing to jump in and do whatever is needed to get the job done.

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