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Owner FAQ

  • Do you charge an onboarding fee?

    We do not charge an onboarding fee, but we do require a credit card authorization on file to cover the cost of a few initial expenses, including the deep clean, final supplies, new locks or any other misc items needed to get the property rental-ready.

  • Do I need to have a specific type of lock?

    We do require a Schlage Encode Wifi lock on the main entry door and are happy to install and set up the lock for no additional cost (you just pay for the lock). We also require a digital lock on the locked storage closet.

  • Who supplies the sheets and towels?

    The property owner is responsible for the cost of all towels and bedding. We have specific recommendations of what and can help purchase and prep those items if needed.

  • Who determines the house rules and policies?

    We work directly with each owner to establish house rules and policies, including smoking, pets, parking, quiet times and more. We want our owners to be 100% comfortable with the policies and we want our policies to be clear and concise for the guests.

  • When/How do I get paid?

    Money from each reservation (nightly rate plus taxes and fees) goes into a trust account. Owners are paid at the beginning of every month for the previous month’s rentals, based on the departure date. Owners will be paid electronically and will receive an owner’s statement with a full breakdown of rental revenue minus expenses and commission.

  • Who pays the taxes?

    We collect all state, local and lodging taxes from each guest as part of their reservation. We keep a detailed accounting for each property and remit to the State of Missouri and the Tri-County Lodging Association on a quarterly basis.

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