Improve The Guest Experience: Best Amenities for Vacation Rentals


If you want your rental to stand out among the rest, then including top-tier amenities will do the trick.


Offering a variety of conveniences for guests during their stay will make them want to return again and again. Plus, they may tell their friends about your place as well!


Some of the best amenities for vacation rentals don’t have to cut into your profit either. There are plenty of cost-effective touches you can include that will make your rental stand out among the rest.


High-Speed Wifi

Arguably one of the most popular vacation rental amenities to provide, high-speed wifi is easy to set up and your guests will appreciate being able to easily use their devices during their stay. You may have visitors who need to get some work done during their vacation which will be easy with a reliable internet connection.


Smart TVs

In this age of technology, it’s a good idea to give guests access to the comforts they enjoy at home, including their favorite streaming services. Many guests will want to be able to kick back and relax while watching a movie on Netflix after a day of sightseeing.


Many Smart TVs are affordable and require minimal setup. Just be sure to sign guests out of the streaming services after every check-out!


A Coffee Station


When your guests need a boost of energy in the morning or after a long day of seeing local attractions, they’ll appreciate that their rental comes fully equipped with all of their coffee needs. You may choose to supply a single-serve Keurig coffee maker or a coffee pot depending on the number of people you plan to accommodate in your rental regularly.


For an added touch, provide guests with filters and locally grown coffee grounds so they won’t need to make a special trip to buy some.


Local Guidebooks

Chances are, whoever is staying in your rental won’t know the area as well as you do, so it’s a good idea to provide them with your own recommendations for restaurants and other local attractions. Having a small table set up with brochures and guidebooks can have a positive impact on the guest experience.


You can even include a guest experience survey on the table for people to fill out before leaving to hear what they liked or disliked about their stay.


Robes and Slippers

One of the best luxury vacation rental amenities you may consider providing for your guests is a pair of soft slippers and a comfortable robe. This is an especially great addition to a rental that caters to guests who like to stay in and relax.


Basic Toiletries


When traveling, people often forget to pack one or two essential items like toothpaste, shampoo, or deodorant. Providing your guests with some of the basic toiletries they may forget will keep them from spending their precious vacation time running to the store.


This small touch is affordable and greatly appreciated by all guests.


Consider Providing This List of Best Amenities for Vacation Rentals and Improve Guest Experience

Not every amenity is right for every type of vacation rental. You must decide which amenities will fit best with the type of guest your rental draws in regularly.


In a rental near a body of water, consider providing things like sunscreen or an umbrella. If it includes a private jacuzzi tub, then the robe and slippers are perfect! Don’t forget to check with your property management company to see which ones they can help you provide.


Including a few of these best amenities for vacation rentals will enhance the overall experience for your guests and will keep them coming back again and again.

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